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We believe Texas Longhorns are a great historical resource, offering a surviving link to the past as the first cattle to set foot in North America. Into the twentieth century, this historically significant breed faced extinction as ranchers cross-bred them with less hardy breeds from Europe.

Today, Candy Mountain Ranches is working to preserve the posterity of the breed by raising full-blood Texas Longhorns. Our herd has been carefully selected from high-quality sources including historical Texas breeding ranches, state-managed registered herds, and our own breeding program.

Our longhorns also are CTLR-registered and in many cases, carry dual registrations with both the CTLR and TLBAA. You can be assured that the Candy Mountain longhorns are some of the purest around.

We invite you to look over some featured members of our herd as well as our cattle for sale. If you see any animal that would compliment your breeding program, please contact us.